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As the world’s largest module supplier, MOBIS has assembled modules for diverse vehicle models under various OEMs, providing superior production services for over 40 years globally.

With rigorous quality control standards and a history of high volume and customized production, Mobis North America has worked with manufacturing partners to produce cost-effective high quality vehicle modules since 2006. In addition to our assembly locations, Mobis Technical Center of North America specializes in driver safety and convenience package components. Between two assembly plants and one R&D center, MNA proudly provides work to around 1,000 employees.

Toledo, Ohio Plant Aerial ViewToledo, Ohio

  • Jeep Wrangler (JK): 2006 – 2018
    Complete chassis modules and wheel and tire modules
  • Jeep Gladiator (JT): 2019 – Present
    Complete chassis modules and wheel and tire modules

Detroit, Michigan Plant Aerial ViewDetroit, Michigan

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK): 2010 – 2021
    Front and rear suspension modules
  • Dodge Durango (WD): 2010 – Present
    Front and rear suspension modules
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee (WL): 2022 – Future
    Front and rear suspension modules

Plymouth, Michigan

MTCA serves as the home for Sales and R&D activities in North America, while also providing technical engineering support for various components.

  • Autonomous Driving Systems
  • Advanced Driver – Assistance Systems
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment
  • Chassis Braking and Steering
  • Lighting
  • Software Development
Plymouth, Michigan Plant Aerial View
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